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EDM Filters

The three rules of EDM are Flushing, Flushing and Flushing. This is to state that the quality of your Di-electric is of utmost importance. The EDM process creates a large amount of fine particulate that if not efficiently removed, causes slower cutting speeds and increased maintenance costs (from premature usage of resin to increase maintenance to clean the machines). Proper filtration is the key. There are no tricks in filtration. With the newest generators creating particulate in the 3 micron range, it is important that your filter media can clean these out. By using low cost filters that seem to last longer, you’ll find that you are starting to affect the speed and precision, and significantly shortening the life of expensive parts within the machine tool itself. Successful EDM filtration is simple, stick with quality filters and see your overall filtration costs come down.

SparQuetec supplies quality filters for all Japanese and European machines both Wire EDM and Die-sinking. Call us for a quote today

  • Sodick filters
  • Agie filters
  • Charmilles filters
  • Fanuc filters
  • Japax filters
  • Makino filters
  • Mitsubishi filters

Sodick Wire EDM Machine Filter list

Sodick EDM Mmachine Filter list

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