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EDM Resin

The EDM process requires deionised (DI) water. The EDM process enables precision cuts and machining in a variety of electrically conductive metals. Mold-making, tool and die, and the aerospace and electronics industry rely heavily on the EDM technique for prototypes and actual production.

But successful EDMing requires DI water to act as a coolant, flushing system and dielectric fluid (the three rules of EDMing, Flushing, Flushing, and Flushing). The water cools the working piece and the machine as the EDM process takes place. A current is passed through the anodic work-piece and the cathode tool (the electrode). The work-piece has small amounts of metal dissolved off of it, and the DI water removes this dissolved material through flushing. As an electrical current is doing the work of the cutting, a DI water bath is necessary as an insulator against arcing.

The DI water is recirculated through ion exchange resin during use, flushing and cooling the work, and delivering the dissolved metal to the resin for capture. Unfortunately all resins have a finite life, and SparQuetec can provide you with a Quality virgin resin to obtain the most efficient ion exchange with the longest life. Our Resin can be supplied in as loose, 28.1 liter boxes or in 28.1 liter socks for your EBBCO style resin containers.

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