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Save time and improve accuracy by eliminating the use of handheld
gauging, automating setups, and performing in-process checks by
making the most out of your machine tool probe. Designed as a
replacement for use of handheld instruments, PC-DMIS NC Gage frees
you from the complexity of programming complex macros by providing
a simple icon-driven interface with a unique teach-in process allowing
the operator to perform even complex measurements quickly and easily
right at the machine and deliver results in a simple color-coded report.
All measuring cycles created using PC-DMIS NC Gage are directly
callable from MDI mode or from an NC program making it useful for
one-off measurements as well as series-production.

PC-DMIS NC Gage is offered in a series of packages each providing
progressively more functionality, allowing you to fit NC Gage
to your requirements and your budget.

Operator-friendly Measurement on the Controller 

  • Easy to understand user interface
  • Operated via panel softkey or touch screen
  • Both interactive and automatic measurements available

Teach-in to Record Measurements 

  • Dialog based interactive teach-in method to easily generate measurement cycles
  • Eliminates the use of difficult macros
  • Learned cycles can be stored on the control and recalled at any time


  • Measurement results are displayed in a simple ASCII format
  • Color coded results in the report show whether the item is in tolerance
  • The report can be sent to a hard drive or printer on the control or network

Proven Accuracy

  • Built on the PTB-certified mathematics directly from the PC-DMIS CMM software
  • 3D and 2D Probe Calibration on a sphere or ring
  • Flexible number of points for feature measurement

Extended Feature Measurement

  • All basic geometric measurement functions available
  • Including extended functions not previously available on any control
  • Expandable to include advanced features upon request

Useful Power

  • Editable program with Cut/Paste, Edit/Delete functions
  • Support for any number of clearance planes and points
  • Program overview/execute to review program contents and step, block or fully execute programs
  • Tree view of program for easy access to all important information


All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.