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M&H-Radio-wave & Infrared Spindle Probes

M&H-Radio-wave & Infrared Spindle Probes


Radio touch probe 20.41-MULTI

Modular probe for use on large sized machine tools. Adjustable trigger force supports complex measurement tasks, including measurements deep inside of workpieces. 

Infrared touch probe 25.41-HDR

Modular probe used on vertical and horizontal machining centers. Adjustable trigger force supports complex measure­ment tasks, including measurements deep inside of workpieces. Includes Chameleon function providing compatibility with nearly all other IR probe systems on the market. 

Radio touch probe 38.41

Compact, modular probe with adjustable trigger force used on machine tools with limited tool diameters and limited Z-Axis height. Ideal for complex measurement tasks. 

Infrared touch probe 40.00-TX/RX

Compact probe with bi-directional trans­mission used on HSC machines with small shanks and small tool changers as well as on lathes. 


Trouble-free, easy operation in the workshop 

  • Simplest use and maintenance for the operator
  • Quick battery replacement without tools
  • Easy stylus changes

Highest precision and process reliability

  • Precise measurement from the first point
  • No interruptions from false triggering
  • Wear-free measuring mechanics
  • Dependable activation methods

Durable Construction

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Sealed from contamination to the IP68 standard
  • Rugged protection of the measuring mechanics

Reliable Signal Transmission

  • Measurement and temperature data transmission to the control
  • HDR-Technology (High Data Rate) infrared transmission
  • Patented SCS-Technology (Self-Channel-Select) radio transmission


  • Compatible with all earlier m&h probe systems
  • Works with all measuring software on the machine tool
  • m&h infrared probes with Chameleon function are compatible with nearly all other IR probes on the market

Application support 

  • Customer-oriented standard solutions
  • Powerful, user-friendly software
  • Competent support for special projects

All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.