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The Sodick HS650L/5AX is a continuation of the HS650L but also providing a hi precision and Hi speed 2 axis trunnion. This permits the customer to machine complex high precision parts in a minimal amount of setups using a true 5 axis machining center. This machine is ideal for the Medical, Dental, Aerospace and complex mold industries and any field where complex  5 axis machining is necessary.


Axis Travel  16.5" x 13.8" x 7.9"
Rotary axes A and C  -95º / +5º and +/- 360º
Max Work-piece weight  22 lbs
Maximum Rapid rate 1,400 IPM
Maximum Feed rate 1,400 IPM
Axis Acceleration 1 G
Spindle Speed (Min - Max) 6,000 - 40,000 RPM

Key Features

  • 16 position tool changer
  • 40,000 rpm spindle
  • glass scale feedback
  • linear motor drives

Designed and built for HIGH SPEED MILLING

Spherodial Casting
This material is known for its strength and ability to resist temperature changes, and provide excellent shock and vibration dampening characteristics for superior machine rigidity.

Linear Motor Axis Drives
Sodick’s high speed mills use linear motor-based axis drives. Linear motors have no moving parts (ball-screws, ball-nuts, rotary motor). Therefore, no component will thermally expand, and no-backlash in the drive system. Linear motors provide high acceleration (1.2G) and high speed feeds (1,440”/min.).

40,000 rpm Oil-Air Spindle
Sodick’s original high-speed spindle is designed to run at high-rpm while maintaining stiffness without over heating

K-SMC Motion Controller
Sodick’s K-SMC motion controller maximizes the speed and acceleration of the linear motor axes drives, resulting in improved table positioning accuracy and reduced axes delays.

Control Technology
Sodick’s LN2X CNC comes equipped with SEPT (1,000 block look ahead feature), which helps to ensure the received data will be handled quickly and efficiently. Programs can be transferred via USB port or a high speed 3mb/sec Ethernet connection. This Windows XP based control uses ISO G code format and has plenty of memory including a 30G hard drive 30MB of RAM.

All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.