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Main Features

One-Process Milling:

One-process milling machining is a new fully automated machining method which Sodick proudly proposes.
The machining enables the continuous process of melting by the irradiation of metallic powder with laser light followed by finish machining by milling with rotating tools. 
In particular, for die manufacturing for plastic molded products, complex shapes such as three dimensional cooling channels and deep ribs can be manufactured with this single

High-Speed Printing and Cutting Time Reduction Material Recovery System:

The new machining method (parallel mode) can print multiple spots simultaneously by controlling a single laser source at high speed. Cutting machining time can be reduced significantly by optimizing the balance of lamination count by laser and cutting finish machining with tools depending on the three-dimensional shape to be machined. Continuous operation has been enabled by developing an optional Material Recovery System (MRS) for metallic powder.

Sodick In-House Made NC Unit and Dedicated CAM:

The Sodick in-house developed and manufactured CNC unit, LN4RP, is used along with an in-house developed and manufactured high-performance linear motor.
A die with a built-in three-dimensional cooling channel is designed with CAD and a resin temperature simulation is implemented with CAE. NC programming with dedicated CAM, OS-FLASH, using the designed CAD data is followed by die manufacturing with OPM350L in a one-stop process.


  • Features of Precision Metal 3D Printer 
Large-sized component molding
  • Max. molded object:350 x 350 x 350 mm(2.7 times volume compared with conventional machine)
  • Maximum load weight:300 kg
    (3 times weight compared with conventional machine)
  • Increased laser speed by parallel mode
Prolonged continuous operation

Improved throughput of metal fumes
Greatly improved maintenance cycle time of fume collector
(3 times compared with conventional)
Automated system operation by automatic material feed/discharge unit (Optional)

Product Specifications

Maximum size of ObjectW x D x H(mm) 350×350×350
X Axis × Y Axis × U Axis Travel(mm) 360×360×344
Machining Tank Inner DimensionW x D(mm) 390×390
Spindle Z Axis Travel(mm) 100
Machine tool dimensionsW x D x H(mm) 2020×2485×2355(w/o Peripheral equipment)
Machine Tool Weight(kg) 5800(w/o Peripheral equipment)
Laser Oscillator Yb Fiber Laser
Laser Wavelength(nm) 1070
Laser Maximum Output(W) 500(1000W:option)
Maximum Spindle Rotation Speed(min-1) 6000~45000
Spindle Maximum Torque(Nm) 0.8
ATC Holders(positions) 20

All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.