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Compact Travelling Full Gantry VMC

The New TMT/Trident K700-FX is a newly designed Travelling Gantry style Vertical Machining Center. Its equipped with a standard oversized work table allowing for integration of an optional 4th axis without affecting the work area. The overall design is extremely compact utilizing minimal floor space. The newly designed Compact cast iron structure is extremely rigid permitting high performance and accurate machining.

Machine Features

  • Superior Machine Rigidity with Travelling Gantry design
  • Compact machine design requiring minimal floor space
  • Isolated and fixed work area
  • High efficiency servo driven ATC (Chip to Chip 4 sec.)
  • Centrally installed ATC protects tools from machine chips and coolant spray
  • Fixed table design allows easy operator loading and unloading from work area
  • Because of Gantry design, machine performance and accuracy is unaffected by workpiece weight.

Machine Specifications

Metric Imperial
Travels and table Dimensions X 700 27.6
Y 450 17.7
Z 420 16.5
Table to Spindle 150 - 570 5.91 – 22.44”
Max Load 700 Kg 1,543 lbs
T-slots T18 X 5 .708 x 5
Table Size 1,280x500 50” x 19.7”
Spindle Speed 10,000 (opt. 12k, 15k or 20k-built in)
Motor power (30min) 7.5 Kw (opt.11 Kw) 10 HP (OPT. 15 HP)
Transmission Direct Drive
Tapers BT/CAT-40 (HSK-A50, HSK-A63)
Magazine and ATC Capacity 24 (opt. 32)
Drive Type High speed Servo driven
Max, Tool weight 4 kg. 8.8 lbs
Max tool Dia. 100 mm 3.93”
Max Tool length 300 11.81”
Chip to Chip time 4 seconds
Feed Rates Rapid (G00) 48 M/min 1,889 IPM
Cutting (G01) 10,000 mm/min 393 IPM
Machine Dimensions W x D x H 1720 x 3200 x 2950 68” x 126” x 116”
Net weight 6400 Kg 14,110 lbs.

Machine Structure/Frame

All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.