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M&H-Palpeurs de Broche Infra-rouge et Radio

M&H-Palpeurs de Broche Infra-rouge et Radio


Radio touch probe 20.41-MULTI

Modular probe for use on large sized machine tools. Adjustable trigger force supports complex measurement tasks, including measurements deep inside of workpieces. 

Infrared touch probe 25.41-HDR

Modular probe used on vertical and horizontal machining centers. Adjustable trigger force supports complex measure€ment tasks, including measurements deep inside of workpieces. Includes Chameleon function providing compatibility with nearly all other IR probe systems on the market. 


Radio touch probe 38.10-MINI

Compact, modular probe with adjustable trigger force used on machine tools with limited tool diameters and limited Z-Axis height. Ideal for complex measurement tasks. 


Infrared touch probe 40.00-TX/RX

Compact probe with bi-directional trans€mission used on HSC machines with small shanks and small tool changers as well as on lathes. 


Production Probe 41.00-PP

A very compact probe which is completely compatible with existing systems on the market, used on tool grinders, cylindrical grinders, rotary transfer machines, and for special measurement tasks.



Trouble-free, easy operation in the workshop 

  • Simplest use and maintenance for the operator
  • Quick battery replacement without tools
  • Easy stylus changes

Highest precision and process reliability

  • Precise measurement from the first point
  • No interruptions from false triggering
  • Wear-free measuring mechanics
  • Dependable activation methods

Durable Construction

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Sealed from contamination to the IP68 standard
  • Rugged protection of the measuring mechanics

Reliable Signal Transmission

  • Measurement and temperature data transmission to the control
  • HDR-Technology (High Data Rate) infrared transmission
  • Patented SCS-Technology (Self-Channel-Select) radio transmission


  • Compatible with all earlier m&h probe systems
  • Works with all measuring software on the machine tool
  • m&h infrared probes with Chameleon function are compatible with nearly all other IR probes on the market

Application support 

  • Customer-oriented standard solutions
  • Powerful, user-friendly software
  • Competent support for special projects

Toutes les spécifications, les dimensions et les caractéristiques sont sujettes à changement sans préavis.