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AG100L -Large size, Linear motor driven die-sinker EDM.

The AG100L is Sodick's newest CNC Sinker Electrical Discharge Machine and features Linear Motor Technology. The AG100L features simplified control mechanisms which provide a direct link between the drive and control. This ensures the fastest possible servo response time possible and optimal spark gaps at all times. The automatic three sided vertically sliding drop tank enables large workpieces to be easily loaded and unloaded.


Axis Travel 47.24" x 25.59" x 19.69"
Work Tank Dimensions 82.68" x 49.21" x 25.99"
Work Table Size (ceramic) 62.99" x 39.37"
Max Electrode Weight 220 lbs.
Max Workpiece Weight 11,023 lbs.

Key Features

  • Linear motors (X, Y, Z axis)
  • Linear glass scales (X, Y, Z axis)
  • Ceramic components
  • Linear motor cooling unit
  • Dielectric cooling unit (Chiller)
  • No ARC and SVC circuit
  • SQ circuit
  • Arc-less system
  • Remote controller
  • Mouse
  • LAN +USB
  • 15"TFT Touch screen
  • Motorised 3 sided vertical sliding tank
  • Fire extinguisher

Toutes les spécifications, les dimensions et les caractéristiques sont sujettes à changement sans préavis.